Almudena López
Almudena LópezTranslator, proofreader and interpreter
My name is Almudena López and I am a translator, proofreader and interpreter. I am based in Barcelona (Spain), but I have also lived in Northampton (UK) and Heidelberg (Germany). The languages I work with are English, German and Spanish, and my areas of specialization are Medicine/Life Sciences/Pharma, Technology & Mechanics, and Marketing.



logo-tremedicaMember of Tremédica (International Association of Translators and Editors of Medicine and Allied Sciences)


  • Master’s Degree in Medical and Health Translation
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting
  • Certificate in English-Spanish Medical Interpreting


I have been working as a full-time translator since 2011, with previous translation experience for NGO’s since 2010. During this time, I have worked both as a freelancer and as an employee for two international translation agencies.

Continuous development

I believe in ongoing learning in order to grow both personally and professionally, which in turn adds value to the services I provide. That’s why I keep developing my skills and knowledge with courses such as the following:

  • Introduction to Clinical Neurology
  • Introduction to Biomedical Imaging
  • Introduction to Forensic Science
  • Clinical Terminology for International and U.S. Students
  • Translation of biomedical texts from German into Spanish
  • Introduction to Human Physiology
  • Transcreation


The idea behind Translabtion

Translabtion is a fusion between translation and lab. This name is meant to express several dualities of my work, my education and even my personality:

1. Science/Linguistics duality: I studied linguistics and languages, but as I entered the professional world, I specialized in the technical and medical fields.

2. Precision/Creativity duality: Due to these specialization areas, the translations I do need to be very accurate and rigorous, but I also imprint creativity and style so that they don’t look like translations but original texts. This duality is where the lab concept comes most into play—it takes experimentation to find the right amount of precision and creativity in every paragraph.

3. Tradition/Innovation duality: The services I provide are common to other language services providers, but with a fresh approach characterized by openness and friendly communication.

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