Marketing • Transcreation

One of the things I love about languages and my profession as a translator is the versatility of communication. Even within the same language, every communication specialist knows how the different factors such as sender, receiver, code and context affect the message factor and its impact on the receiver—because approaching a senior engineer through a product brochure requires a different register and language than approaching a young techie via Twitter.

If we add the transition of languages to this, which for instance would be the case when launching a new product campaign internationally, we have a more complex situation where also cultural factors play an essential role. The message will need to be adapted in terms of catchiness, sonority and fluency to cause the impact we’re looking for. Here, literal translation falls short because what we need is creativity at its fullest, and the result may be a completely different text than the original copy.
Thanks to my specific training in transcreation and writing for the Internet, as well as to my personal experience as a community manager for a professional translators association, I’m very familiar with social media and marketing language.

Your benefits

  • Peace of mind knowing your document is being handled by a competent translator who knows the industry.
  • A translated version of your text that keeps precision and consistent specialized terminology, but also good style and readability.
  • Prevention of last-minute problems because I analyze your files in order to solve any questions or issues beforehand.


Why Me

  • Training in transcreation.
  • Experience as a community manager for a professional translator association.
  • Constant professional development through courses, webinars, workshops, etc.
  • Knowledge of social media and its characteristic language.

Examples of texts I have translated or proofread

  • Online marketing: catchy articles for young people where wordplay and slang are used, slogans.
  • Corporate communication: product and services brochures for professionals, subtitling of product presentation videos, sales guides for employees, e-mails, press releases.
  • Tourism: hotel & resort websites and brochures, travel information.
  • Fashion: luxury watch descriptions, beachwear catalogs.

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