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If there’s a crucial science for the human being and everything that surrounds him, that’s medicine. Studying how our body works and how it’s influenced by external factors such as the environment allows for the investigation of new illnesses and their treatments as society evolves. As a translator, I’m proud to be able to contribute to improve our health and quality of life through my job.

Whether you represent a pharmaceutical lab, a medical equipment manufacturer, a research team or a publishing house, the documents you need to deal with for distributing your products or spreading your findings will most probably be filled with highly specialized concepts and terminology. In some cases, such as when developing and marketing medicines or medical devices, there are regulations and legal differences between countries that need to be taken into consideration.

Because we’re dealing with life and safety, translating these types of texts is to me a delicate task that requires a complete understanding of the text, thorough documentation and knowledge about the regulatory context in both the country of origin and the target country.

Similarly to the cardiologists’ motto “Time is muscle”—outlining the importance of a fast and efficient medical assistance in case of heart attack, which influences the amount of muscle that can be recovered and, in turn, the quality of life afterwards—, an accurate and flawless translation is just as vital when it comes to medical texts and ultimately, our lives.

Your benefits

  • Peace of mind knowing your document is being handled by a competent translator who knows the industry.
  • A translated version of your text that keeps precision and consistent specialized terminology, but also good style and readability.
  • Prevention of last-minute problems because I analyze your files in order to solve any questions or issues beforehand.


Why Me

  • Master’s Degree in Medical and Health Translation.
  • Collaboration in the translation into Spanish of Clinical Anesthesia Procedures of the Massachusetts General Hospital: Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School (8th Edition) for Editorial Médica Panamericana as part of the Master’s Degree.
  • Introductory training in physiology, clinical neurology and biomedical imaging.
  • Training in clinical trial protocol translation and EMA templates.
  • Specific training in German-Spanish biomedical translation.
  • Professional training in English-Spanish medical interpreting.
  • Membership of Tremédica (International Association of Translators and Editors of Medicine and Allied Sciences).

Examples of texts I have translated or proofread

  • Medical devices and procedures: manuals for healthcare professionals (airway evaluation and management for anesthesia, medical video recorder for surgical endoscopy), technical sheets (endoscopes, stents, microscopes), software applications (dental implants and other dentistry procedures, pharmaceutical platforms).
  • Research: clinical trial protocols (sling procedures in urology), informed consent forms, research articles (multiple sclerosis therapy).
  • General: package inserts (medicines, glucose meters), patient information leaflets (ischemic stroke), product presentation videos and brochures, website texts (drug delivery solutions and other dispensing systems), medical reports.

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