Because your own needs are unique and depend on several factors such as language combination, area of specialization, level of complexity and scope of services needed, so is the quote that you will receive from me. Upon reception of your request, I will analize the document in order to send you a quote that is specifically tailored to your requirements.


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Having worked at two international translation agencies with certifications according to EN 15038:2006 (European Quality Standard for Translation Services) and ISO 17100:2015 (International Quality Standard for Translation Services), I know the necessary steps for quality assurance and strive to meet the requirements of these certifications. This means that:
  • My translations are reviewed by a second translator/reviewer unless otherwise specified by the client.
  • I only undertake assignments I am qualified to do.
  • I work with professional linguists who have the necessary qualifications to review my translations according to the different areas of specialization.
  • Every document is double-checked for grammar, punctuation and style.
  • Consistency in terminology, numbers and repeated sentences is guaranteed.

What my clients say

Almudena is a very thorough and hard working translator. She always tries to find ways of improving the quality and make sure there is no misunderstanding not only as a translator but also as a proofreader. Her translations have always been top quality and always received good feedback from the proofreaders who have worked reviewing her translations. I definitely recommend working with Almudena if you really want someone who is going to make things easy for you.
Alex Álvarez, Dilogue UK
A good and reliable translator. We look forward to working on future projects together.
Gillian Turnbull, The Translation People
Almudena submitted complete and accurate translations, and demonstrated excellent professional interpreting skills. I strongly recommend Almudena for professional translations and interpretations.
Marlene Obermeyer, Culture Advantage