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Something that fascinates me about science in technique and technology is the fact that it allows for human evolution around the globe. The ongoing advance and innovation in systems, materials and processes requires an effective international communication in order for professionals to maintain this development and for consumers to be able to make use of them. My way of contributing to this is by facilitating such communication between English, German and Spanish speakers.

Precision is paramount in any technical branch, not only when designing or manufacturing products but also when writing any associated documents and, of course, when translating them. To maintain it during translation, a full understanding of the text and its context is imperative, as well as an effective ability of documentation and something that is often overlooked—logic and common sense.

You may have developed a revolutionary automotive braking system, optimized the chip removal method of your metal-cutting tools or launched a new web-based desktop-sharing platform. What all these have in common is that, if you want to commercialize them internationally, you’ll probably need to deal with a lot of documentation to be translated such as technical sheets, repair manuals for operators or user guides for end-clients. A good translation of all those documents is essential for your product to be taken seriously and successfully introduced in other markets, and that’s where I come into play.

Your benefits

  • Peace of mind knowing your document is being handled by a competent translator who knows the industry.
  • A translated version of your text that keeps precision and consistent specialized terminology, but also good style and readability.
  • Prevention of last-minute problems because I analyze your files in order to solve any questions or issues beforehand.


Why Me

  • 4 years experience as an in-house translator for a translation agency specialized in technical documents.
  • Knowledge of technical concepts and specific terminology.
  • Optimized documentation methods for a better understanding and natural-sounding translation of your text.
  • Constant professional development through courses, webinars, workshops, etc.

Examples of texts I have translated or proofread

  • Automotive industry: operator and user manuals, service and repair manuals, part catalogs.
  • Information technology: user interfaces for web and mobile applications, online communication platforms, electronic device manuals, online courses for employees, websites.
  • Machines and tools: manuals of machine tools for metal cutting, ovens and washing machines, technical descriptions of various types of agricultural and industrial machines, including food processing equipment.

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